How do you replace text in Excel?


hello i want to ask How do you replace text in Excel?


It depends on your detailed needs and workflow.
Please read:
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and then edit your OP to provide a lot more detail. In particular, be sure to provide a real-world example of your source data, basis for making the change, and the final data as you would like to see it. It is best to post an Excel file, both before and after the changes, in a zip file.


In an attempt to answer the question I’d note that in Excel on Mac OS there is a Find menu item and a sub item “Replace”.

I’ve found that unreliable - as it’s often greyed out. (I’m not sure why.)

But given that you could automate.

(Also in Excel, I’ve found the Font dialog (which I’ve used in automation) a tiny bit laggy to pop up. This, I think is also true of the Find/Replace dialog. So add a 1 second pause in your macro between selecting the menu item and trying to tab and type in the dialog that pops up.)

Let us know how you get on. And, I agree, a better problem description would’ve been helpful.


Use Excel's default keyboard shortcut Control + H (⌃H)


Then add a small delay and then tab through, adding what you need.