How is the "Time Saved" calculated?

I’m not sure how the “time saved” is calculated. I’m at five years, and have only had KM for about a year. Paging @peternlewis, can you weigh in?

Where is this ‘time saved’ element? feeling un-observant =)

Look in the about KM window

woof - thanx =) … ARG!

The Time Saved is a running estimate of how much time Keyboard Maestro has saved you over your use of it. It is mostly in fun, but it sounds like you are getting a lot of good use.

How is it estimated?

Yes, I’ve used KM to automate the tasks that two full time employees spent too much time doing. Now they spend too much time doing other things :slight_smile:

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Basically each action that executes makes an estimate of how much time it is saving.

What you do with the time saved is entirely up to you!

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If you continue using KM for a couple of years, then at some point you will see that KM saved you so much time that you would have to reach an age of >100 years to do all your automized actions manually.

So, I would say, using KM is way more efficient than doing sport or stop smoking and all that stuff :relieved:


My feature request for the next version: consider also the time spent for writing macros in the estimation.

Then I expect to see something like this: