How long does a license last for?

How long does a license last for?

A Keyboard Maestro license is for the major version you purchase, so currently a license is for 7.x. It will work with all versions of 7.x, and implicitly allows you to use any previous version (it will directly work with version 6.x, and you can email support for any older license if needed).

The license will work indefinitely for version 7.x, and you can continue using it forever as long as you can get compatible hardware and software. Eventually the OS or the hardware may change enough that it no longer works, in which case you’ll need to stop upgrading the OS or the hardware in order to continue using Keyboard Maestro, but the license will continue to work. This has traditionally been a very long time, and indeed all versions of Keyboard Maestro back to at least 2.x continue to work on Sierra (though obviously they do not know about any new features, so things like Accessibility Permissions have to be handled manually without any guidance from the app).

Probably too much information. A license lasts forever and applies to the major version of Keyboard Maestro that it is purchased for (7.x currently).

Major versions have traditionally required a paid upgrade and I have no plans to change this. Paid upgrades are an essential part of the feedback loop that ensures I continue working for existing customers and not just to try to find new customers (which results in a “dumbing down” of the application over time to try to expand the market).

I hope that is entirely clear.


That’s an excellent answer. Thank you.