How save all macros and clipboards?

I just upgraded KM to version 8.0.4: I get a -33933 error message when I run a macro. And the window of the macro editor starts at each startup of my mac.

My question :
How to save ALL my macros as well as ALL my clipboards?
I intend to uninstall all the KM files present in my system (preference, support applications) and I would like to be able to recover then the INTEGRALITY of my configuration.

Thank you for your lights.


Response from JMichaelTX:
“To import without disabling the macros:
Goto KM Editor menu, and hold down OPT key, then choose File > Import Macros…”

When I have seen this error, it has generally been caused by a corrupted version of Keyboard Maestro downloaded from a third-party site. Download a fresh copy from and quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine and replace the application using the Finder.