How to activate a palette using AppleScript or other method

For macro, a certain macro can be activated when specific condition are meet, or I can using AppleScript, Javascript, URL to manually activate it.

But the only way I can use to show a palette is key combination. Is there any way to show a macro group palette using similar script ?

If you want to call a macro group palette with an AppleScript, you must do the following @OscarGong.

Create a macro with a action "Show Macro Group""
(1) Choose how you want the macro group to be displayed to you
(2) References to the macro group palette you want to call with AppleScript.
(3) Copy the KM UUID for the macro and paste it into AppleScript.
Finished :wink:

#Finder : Show Group.kmmacros (2,1 KB)

I use AppleScript with BetterTouchTool, so I hardly need any shortcuts anymore and control my macro group palettes all with a touch gesture...

Thank you @appleianer
This is exactly the reason I want to do this, ie. combine with BetterTouchTools.

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I am happy @OscarGong that I could help you.
I have reduced my shortcuts to a minimum with AppleScript and BetterTouchTool. I use the 3 Finger Swype gesture to the right (video above) for each macro group / palette in apps like Mail, Pages, Finder etc..
So I only need to remember this one gesture control.

The video is in German, but it shows my organization with KM...

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