How to Backup Favorite Actions in the Keyboard Maestro Editor?

There are topics about backing up macros, clipboards and variables.

Can't seem to find anything related to backing up the favorite actions.

Any tip?

I don't think there is any simple way to do this.

The Favorites are saved somewhere in the Keyboard Maestro master files so, they will get backed up if you backup those files (along with everything else).

They are also kept in sync with your other Macs if you have syncing turned on.

But to backup each Favorite as a file you would need to first add the Favorite to a blank macro and then either export the Action or export a copy of the whole Macro. And then to recover the Favorite at a later date you would need to import it and then re-add it manually as a Favorite... (in other words it would just come in as an Action and would not automatically be added as a Favorite).


Thank you.
I was thinking the same thing, saving them as actions inside a macro, etc.
I ended up not having to export the actions when I updated to the new version though.
It was easier than I thought, actually