How to ▸ change the keys, to be: | ⌘⇪ | as | ⇪ | and | ⇪ | as | ↩ |

I want to:
▸ Original Caps Lock function to be executed by Command+Caps Lock
Caps Lock key to serve as Return/Enter key

A mind blow, right? Graphic designers will love it. I used ⌘⎋ as :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: for Adobe products. This option just makes much more sense. Caps Lock is such a waste.

Hey kamil,

Keyboard Maestro won’t do it, but Karabiner will.

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Why keyboard Maestro is not capable of doing it?

That kind of low level remapping of keys is below the level that Keyboard Maestro operates at.

A utility like Ukelele or Karabiner is the tool for this.