How to combine Two Macros into One

Because I cannot figure out how to have KM "See/Recognize" a pop-up notification (once iMovie has finished converting a movie and alerted me with a "Share Successful" pop-up notification), I currently have a macro to do the first part of the movie conversion task, and another macro to do the second part of the task (both triggered manually with a keypress).

1). If anybody can tell me how to tell KM to wait until a pop-up window appears, that would be great.
2). Can anybody tell me how to merge these 2 separate macros into one? I've tried to copy the steps in macro #2 and just paste/insert them into macro #1 like I used to in QK, but that doesn't seem to be an option in KM.

I had copy/paste problems until I found out that you had to use command-c and command-v keyboard shortcuts, and not the menu options in the editor.

So, just select the actions you want to copy from the first macro and then press command-c. Then go to the second macro and select the action that you want to insert after and press command-v.

Also I was using the Copied app which changed everything to plain text and therefore not able to be pasted back as actions in KM.

It should work as you expect!

Thanks for the info.
I thought I'd tried every way to C-n-P (ie: Right-Click, Drag-n-Drop, etc.), but I guess I didn't try that one after all.