How to Compare Two Macros?

I can only look at one macro at a time, but I have similar macros and would like to compare them in order to edit. Is it possible to open a second window?

No. I can think of two possible options:

  1. Take a screenshot of one of the macros.
  2. Export both macros to macro files, and compare using a tool like BBEdit.

Good call, thanks

You can also use the "select recently used macros" button in the editor to switch to recent edited macro


I use the forward and back buttons for this, but I've got them bound to keyboard shortcuts.

B == Back

F == Forward

Select the Previously Edited Macro

Select the next edited macro

These AppleScripts go in KM's Execute an AppleScript actions with the text-script option.


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This is an intriguing possibility. When I look at exported macros, they are in XML format. When I compare them, I find odd differences. One is a copy of the other with some minor changes that I made, but the difference (using the Mac utility, shows numerous differences that I didn't make, or at least I think I didn't. Most curious is the binary elements that are different. Could those be differences in saved images to find? What other binary elements are in .kmmacros files?

Is there any documentation of how a .kmmacros file is structured, what the different elements mean, etc.?