How to copy browser front window name to a variable


While in Chrome, I want to copy the front window name to a variable I created called %BrowserWindowName% which I will use later in another app.

The action below does not work. thanks very much

Try this:

Do not use percent characters around the new variable name in the "Set variable" field.

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Thanks very much. It is very helpful for this and other macros
If I may ask a follow-up question.
%ChromeURL% is the URL of the front most window in Chrome, which is extremely useful to know. In my macro, it is the Chrome front most window name that I want.
Is there a similar variable which would reflect the name of the front most window in Chrome and which would work even if the macro is run outside Chrome (the same way %ChromeURL% works outside Chrome) ?
thanks again very much

Try "%ChromeTitle%". Or to make it more generic "%FrontBrowserTitle%".


Fantastic. You were a great help. thanks very much