How to Copy one Variable to another?


I have a variable named ‘Defendant Name’ I want to copy everything in that variable to another variable name ‘Client Name’ how can I do this? basically all the info stored in ‘Defendant Name’ is now in ‘Client Name’ too.

Thanks in advanced for your assistance.


Set Variable “Client Name” to text “%Variable%Defendant Name%”

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Thanks, initially had a lot of difficulty locating the action and understanding it.

It, together with text tokens, are a work horse in Keyboard Maestro for progressing past the basics:

Similarly, functions and Set Variable to Calculation:

Similarly, collections and For Each:

And finally, conditions and If Then Else (and other control flow actions).

This is the way Keyboard Maestro is designed - you can use Keyboard Maestro without any of those, but each pair will add a new dimension to what you can do, multiplying with all the previous things you’ve learnt.