How To Copy Selected Items in HoudahSpot to a Finder Folder?

I am using HoudahSopt app which is like Finder as I constantly had problems with Quicklook of Finder. I could copy a selected file from Finder to another folder with a macro using %Variable%Path%, but I do not know how I can do the same in this application (select it and then copy/move it to another folder.

Any help is appreciated a lot.

Find your files in HoudahSpot, select them, then trigger a KM macro that copies the file paths (Edit->Copy File Paths or ⌥⌘C) to a variable then uses a "For Each Line in Variable" to copy/move each file to the destination folder.

But HoudahSpot is, at heart, an enhanced interface to Spotlight -- you'll probably find it easier to have the destination open in the Finder, do your search in HoudahSpot, then drag'n'drop from the search results to the Finder window.


Hey Guys,

If I was to use Keyboard Maestro native actions to process selected items in HoudahSpot I'd probably do as @Nige_S suggests.

However – it's more typical for me to use AppleScript, because AppleScripted actions in the Finder can frequently be undone using the standard undo command.

# Auth: Christopher Stone
# dCre: 2022/12/18 19:16
# dMod: 2022/12/18 19:16 
# Appl: HoudahSpot
# Task: Return the selection as aliases or POSIX Paths.
# Libs: None
# Osax: None
# Tags: @Applescript, @Script, @HoudahSpot, @Selection
property LF : linefeed

tell application "HoudahSpot"
   set selectionRefList to the selection
   repeat with i in selectionRefList
      # set contents of i to ((path of i) as «class furl») as alias -- aliases
      set contents of i to path of i -- POSIX Paths
   end repeat
   # An AppleScript list of either POSIX Paths or aliases (select above)
   # return selectionRefList
   # A text list of POSIX Paths:
   set AppleScript's text item delimiters to LF
   return selectionRefList as text
end tell


Use an alias list for best results when working with the Finder.

Keep in mind too that HoudahSpot has some built-in commands for results:


I have scripts for HoudahSpot that:

  • Move the selected items to the frontmost open Finder Window.
  • Move the selected items to any open Finder Window I select from a list.
  • Move the selected items to various favorite locations.



Awsome. Thank you so much.

You guys are lifesavers. Thanks once again.

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