How to create a macro which would activate an app specific shortcut?

I usually create app specific shortcuts using sys pref - Keyboard Shortcut.
I would like to centralize all shortcuts in KBM.
Is there an equivalent way to create a macro which would create an app specific shortcut, for example
Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-S to activate Preview-Tools-Rectangular Selection.
thanks very much for your time and help !

Hey Ronald,

You have to create a macro group that is app-specific similar to this:

Then all you have to do is create a macro with a Select or Show a Menu Item action, and give it a keyboard shortcut.




Works perfectly. thanks very much

Oh the fun you'll have :blush:


thank you. I cannot figure out where these macros are.

Sorry if I confused you. That’s a screen-shot of some of the Macro Groups I’ve created for my KMacros. As noted by Chris (and you), each folder has it’s own availability settings. Most of those are specific to one application: I’ve set them so that the macros each of these contains are triggered only when the application in which I use them is active.

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thanks very much !

Just an update.
I followed your model.
Your comments opened my eyes, and much improved my workflow.
Thanks again very much !!

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