How to create a pick-list?

Thank you for these tips. Looks a bit more complicated than I expected - I think I can make do as is.

Quick question… Is there someway that I can use this Macro on my iPad? I saw there were a KM iPad app, but now understand that’s a kind of remote app.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

I’m afraid there’s no way to use this macro as-is on iOS; as you’ve said, the existing KM iOS app is just a way of triggering macros on your mac from an iOS device, not for running them on one. As I understand it, your only option would be to recreate this macro, or at least an approximation of it, from scratch using Workflow, which is the closest thing iOS has to Keyboard Maestro (though not nearly close enough for my tastes).

It's been a while since I've used this pick list, but I'm not eager to do so. But I just upgraded to KB v. 9.0 and the pick list doesn't work.

Is there some revision I should make to the script to make it work?

Also, is there a way of creating disclosure triangles within pick list, so that I can create categories within it?


Which version are you using? I just tried the Prompt with List version and AppleScript version in KM9 and they worked fine for me. I recommend uploading the specific macro you're using so we can see where it might be going wrong for ourselves.

Thanks so much for your help! I'm attaching the Macro I've tried to use, per your request. Please let me know if I can provide you with anything else. And thank you very much again...

Select Multiple Items From List [Example] 1.0.2.kmmacros (17.4 KB)

Thank you. That made it easy to figure out what was wrong. For whatever reason, this version used an empty variable to set the list, so there was nothing for the rest of the macro to do:


To fix it, just erase the empty Local__List variable, enable the other one, and replace its contents with the list you want to pick from:


It worked! Thank you so much for your help with this -- I greatly appreciate it.

Two questions; one small, one big...

The small one: When you first helped me set up this Macro, I seem to recall that it pasted the selections from the pick list after I clicked on "Ok." That doesn't work today, and instead I have to just paste the selections into my application. Its there a way to just make the KB Macro past the selection when I click on "Ok"?

The big one: I raised this question before, long ago, and I'm desperately hoping there might be a solution... In short, I have a lot of hashtags in my pick list, and used to group them by categories, with headers IN CAPS. That helped provide definitions, but still required scrolling through a long window to find the right category set / value. That's why you and others suggested creating separate pick lists (i.e., one pick list per category), but it's not exactly quick and easy to to toggle through those lists. So...

Is there any way way to create a kind of system of disclosure triangles to group values within (or underneath) their respective categories? That would be...huge !

Thanks again for all of your help!

You may want to explore the Actions list in the KM Wiki.
For your use case, all you need to do is add a Paste action if the text is already on the Clipboard,
OR, use the Insert Text by Pasting action if you want to specify the variables, text, and even the formatting to be pasted.

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Thanks so much! And sorry for the late reply -- I had to suddenly do some traveling.

Yes, I keep going back and forth about whether it's best to manually paste v. have it automatically insert text after clicking on "OK." Don't know which one is best.

Any thoughts about if / how there's a way to create a kind of system of disclosure triangles to group values / categories? I'm desperately hoping there's a way to do this -- or figure out another organizational approach for organizing large sets of values within my pick lists!

Thanks again for your help...