How to create Macro for Youtube PIP

Control double click then arrow down three will bring up Youtube PIP (Picture in Picture), but I can’t figure out how to create a macro in Keyboard Maestro so I can have a fast hotkey to perform that action.

btw - I tried Move or Click Mouse. I select Double Click with Modifiers (Control key) and set it to click at the correct place on the youtube video. I click “Try” and it works up to the double click. It is as if it clicked only once. when I do this manually, the double click brings up a menu where I can arrow down three places and hit Enter. But like I said, the macro brings up the menu needed to click once more. Not sure why it is not working.

Hello @KeithMichaels, maybe the free app Helium (Mac App Store) is something for you? I have integrated them into my workflow with a KM macro.

Here is a short video.

I was in the same boat, searching for a convenient way to enable picture in picture while using safari. I knew it was possible but quiet unusable, so I went searching and found helium app (development seems to have stalled), as well as a fork called helium3, as well as an app called pennywise that gives a floating browser window. I found none of them absolutely convincing and had some other trouble with helium. So I thought I’d look into the native option once more with the difference that I now use KM, while I didn’t in the far and grey past. So I thought, maybe this could be my first self built macro and spare me the install of another app. Long story short: after fiddling and altering all the fantastic macros this community provides this is my first humble approach to contribute (feedback welcome). It works for me and I hope it does for someone else, too.

Cheers :raised_hands:

Safari-PiP-for-YouTube.kmmacros (48.7 KB)

(823.2 KB)

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Hi @woody I had also been looking for a way to get the most out of the PiP function.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to place the PiP window in Safari on the desktop according to my needs. Also Safari would have to be open all the time.

Here are three options (Gif's), whereby I prefer the (free) app IINA, as I can also make further settings for the video (brightness, contrast, volume or even forward and rewind) with the cursor/mouse...





Hi @appleianer, thanks for the hint on IINA — I didn’t catch that one, but will look right into it. Maybe it has something to offer… :wink:

EDIT: Looked into IINA and it does look very good. Installed it via homebrew and it worked like a charm right out of the box. I can absolutely see myself using this as my own "watch later" service. That is indeed a great addition.

…oh, and one more thing @appleianer: I really enjoy your videos on your channel. Thank you for all the work and great infos, over there! :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the nice words @woody :+1:
If you are interested in the macros (Gif) for IINA, please tell me if for an iMac 27 inch or a MacBook Pro 15 inch... because of the correct positions (corners) on the desktop.

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