How to determine which macro is using a particular clipboard

I started doing some house cleaning inside KM but when I tried deleting my clipboards I was presented with:


Is there a way to find the macro which are being used by a particular Clipboard?

I probably now have more than 200 macros and am hoping I don't have to spend time sifting through each just to find something that KM knows but isn't displaying.

I do understand that a macro will no longer function properly if an associated clipboard is deleted but I think I can reprogram the macro to do without the clipboard.

Thank you.

Sure, at least I can. What I do is type the name into the Keyboard Maestro editor search box. Make sure you have clicked on All Macros in the Group Pane first. The results will be all macros that contain actions which refer to that clipboard.

Oh. I should have thought about that.

I guess my brain is on cruising mode on Sundays!


Very glad I could help.

To be fair, the idea that that search box can search for certain kinds of words inside actions isn't entirely obvious. For example you can search for "any" and it will return all the actions which contain the element "while any of the following are true".