How to double click a ribbon item within an app

I'm new to Keyboard Maestro. I use PDF Editor for Mac. The PDF Editor app has its own Menu Items and a Ribbon with various buttons (similar to the Ribbon in Microsoft Word for example). Is there a way I can double click on the App's own Menu items (ie not the Mac Menu items in the Menu bar at the top left of the screen near the Apple logo) but the app's own menu items below the coloured title bar of the app. I have a screen shot of the Apps menu items and Ribbon icons but cant see any option to attach it to this question

Hoi loz

You may can use the action «Click at found image». For that action you can cut out an image of your Menue Item, then insert it in the action. If the image is found on your screen, Keyboard Maestro will click on it for you.

Maybe that could solve your question.

Regards - Walter