How to find out what key strokes are being used by Mac/ software

Rather dumb question, however i am using a key combination of
"CMD + OPTN + P"

It works when i assign it to a browser (chrome/ safari) to execute an action, however when i use it in an application AIRMAIL - macOs beeps.

Looked at the global keyboard shortcuts, KM and Airmail's keyboard shortcuts and it also does not exist.

Essentially i am trying to copy the email URL so i can paste it inside another note application. [Airmail's keystroke is CTRL + OPTN + CMD + C]
Also tried using the SELECT MENU command however it also beeps?

Unsure of how best to identify where this key stroke is being mapped elsewhere?

Hey Jim,

This sort of thing usually is caused by a macro not being enabled for some reason.

Select your macro and then select the “Assistance” item in the Keyboard Maestro Editor Help Menu.

Run through the tests and see if anything comes to light.

If nothing becomes evident then do this:

Create a simple macro that plays a sound and uses F1 for its hotkey.

Make certain it's working in your AIrMail macro group and work up from there.