How to format ICU dates in foreign languages

I am creating templates for emails to foreign correspondents.

I would like to use the KM ICU date tokens but adapted to the foreign language.

Example: May in English is Mai in German.

Please note that I am referring to the language syntax, not the time zone.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

One way would be to make use of an Apple Shortcut in your Macro.

You make an Apple Shortcut for the Language you want to translate the formatted KM date into...

and then call that Shortcut from Keyboard Maestro.

The good thing about this method is that it changes the whole format, not just individual words. For example I tried 22nd March 2023 and got:

22. März 2023 for German
22 de marzo de 2023 for Spanish
22 mars 2023 for French
22 marzo 2023 for Italian
2023年3月22日 for Japanese


Thanks very much!

You're welcome.

And as a bonus this technique can be used to translate any text from KM and back into KM... not just dates.