How to- If no text selected do A, if any text selected do B

I can’t seem to get it.
If no text is highlighted, the system doesn’t copy ‘nothing’ and the clipboard remains in it’s previous state.
Thanx for any input, I’m sure it’s right in front of me. - but I can’t ‘see’ it. =)

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ARG- I got it, I’m going to wait a day when I have a question, before I post.
Very simple, base it on the copy menu being available or not.

  • sorry for the ‘clutter’

I'm not sure how reliable using the "Copy" menu item is. For example, right now in Chrome, it is available and enabled, even though I do not have anything selected.

You can also use the function:CLIPBOARDSEED [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] to detect if the Clipboard has been changed after a COPY command.

Here's a macro that uses this approach: