How to import multiple macros at once


I exported macros using "File>Export>Export All Macros as Folder..." and tried to import them using "File>Import>Import Macros Safely...". I can only select one macro file to import. How can I import multiple macros at once?

macOS ventura13.3.1

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If you are speaking of files whose extension is the normal kmmacros you can select any number of them in the Finder and either drag them on the Keyboard Maestro Icon in the dock of perform a right click and then a click on the menu’s entry open.

Keyboard Maestro should detect all your selected macro files from Finder and import them.

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It went well. Thank you very much.

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I am happy that you were able to import your Macros with my help.

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For other problems - if can’t find a way by your own in at least 10 - 30 minutes - just dig into the forum searching until you find a solution to your task that you want to automate with KM. If you don’t find anything just post your question.

If you have problems finding the right way to post the right question that fits your needs - read this Guide written by the great @JMichaelTX who is missed by many of us here. It is definitely worth reading.

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Thank you pointing me to my writing mistake - sometimes it’s is hard to write correct and fast in a different language on an iPhone :joy::joy:

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