How to Make a KM Hot Key Call Up a Different Keystroke?

I bet the answer is in front of my eyes but I don't quite know how to frame the question to search the docs for clues.

I use the MacOS Screenshot utility a lot, SHIFT-CMD-4 to make a rectangular outline and save it. It works fine, but the keystrokes are awkward for me.

I thought I'd set up a KM macro to use F13, which I don't otherwise use, to do the same thing.

So I set up a Macro with a hotkey of F13 and a single "Type a Keystroke" action to simulate a shift-command-4 keystroke for me - but nothing happens when I use it. What am I missing?

I do something similar. I would try another F key, I used F4 and it worked ok. I don't know why but I have changed F key triggers in the past though I can't now remember why. I have those shortcuts on a palette at present in fact.

Hey Steve,

Chances are that you don't have the macro activated or that it's not in a global macro group.

This works perfectly well for me.

ScreenShot – Cmd-Shift-4.kmmacros (1.6 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

However – the system allows you to change the keyboard shortcuts for screenshots...


This is on Mojave, and subsequent versions of macOS will be a bit different – but you should be able to find the correct prefs without much trouble.



Thanks all for various suggestions. I got stuck and can't experiment right now to see what works, but really appreciate the help. I'll post later when I can find out what works.

OMG, I'm a moron. I just hadn't enabled the macro. My apologies to everyone who read this and especially to those who responded... Not sure how that happened, because a new Macro is automatically enabled I think, but I must have clicked on the wrong thing and disabled it...


This one bites literally everyone sooner or later, so mark it well. It's the gift that keeps on giving – if you don't pay attention.

This is always the very first thing to check along with the enabled state of the parent macro-group.

I have the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu in my menu bar along with the Iconoholic Loud icon set, and this gives me an unmistakable visual indicator when a macro runs.

If I have any doubts I'll turn off all actions (if appropriate) and drop in a Display Text in a Window action to test with.

Another thing to use for testing is the Interactive Help from the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu.