How to Make Text Appear Centered (Not Left Justified) in "Display Text in a Window"?

Title says it all. Thanks!

Not easily. You could do something funky by deciding the window width, splitting the text to be displayed into distinct lines, checking the number of characters in each line and then padding it with enough leading spaces to simulate centred text, posting the dialog then setting the width...

Or just look at using a "Custom HTML Prompt" action -- much simpler!

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Thanks! The html prompt might be too advanced for me to figure out but I'll look into it more. The only things I need in the pop up are to show variables and text, and to centre align.

At the moment I'm using multiple \t commands to simulate a centre align but it's suboptimal, especially because the variables are changing.

Have you got an example? Switching to a mono-spaced font and some padding may get you something useful in certain circumstances, e.g.

        shortVar: 7
   muchLongerVar: 2789

...which is easier than centre-aligning.