How to Open All Files From Specific Folder Using Chosen Application?


I was searching for a solution but couldn't find anything closely related.

I'd like to create a macro which will automatically open all files inside specific folder by chosen application.

e.g. I'd like to open all docx files at once inside documents folder by using "Pages" app

Any tips of how it can be done? I'm a rookie when it comes to KM


That should be easy using:

Give those a try, and if you need help just ask.


I am tired of trying with that ;/

So it should be the following:
For every docx file in the "files in directory" collection Open all files by "pages app" but I can't see both "Open all files inside folder" function and my results are just like that:


Any more tips guys?

In the Open Action, you need to enter the Variable token for the Variable used in the For each Action.

BTW, in the future, please drag/drop or copy/paste all images you need directly into the forum post. No need to use a third party image service. I have replaced your droplr link with the actual image.

In the KM Editor app, you can just select one or more Actions, and then goto menu Edit > Copy as > Copy as Image. Then paste into the forum.

Hey Michal,

This little chore is not hard to accomplish, but there are some niggly details that take getting used to – such as the difference between a text field and a variable field.


Open .docx Files from a Specific Directory in Pages.kmmacros (6.1 KB)

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