How to open all Freshdesk URL's always in the same Google Chrome tab?

A lot of URL's in other applications are pointing to Freshdesk tickets. In my case most of the URL's that are pointing to Freshdesk are inside Trello cards. There are a lot of cards with URL's to tickets, so this will create multiple tabs that will load the Freshdesk application every time I click on a URL that points to a ticket.

[1] Because I have Freshdesk always open in one pinned Google Chrome tab, it would be awesome if all URL's that are pointing to a ticket, are always opened in the one pinned Freshdesk tab that is always open. Can this be done with Keyboard Maestro?

[2] If 1 is possible, the next step would be to load the ticket in Freshdesk without loading the whole Freshdesk application again. Only loading the part that is needed to display another ticket. Is this possible via "Execute Javascript in Google Chrome"?

The URL will always be something like this: And 5130 is in the ticket number.

Zendesk already does have something like this:

Are those things (1 and 2) possible with Keyboard Maestro?