How to Perform Action (Increase System Volume) but Hide App (System Preferences)

Hi There,

This is probably the newly question o. 1, if so, sorry for that. It's just that when I increase the volume of the Mac, every time the System preference panel comes up. I don't want to see it at all to be honest. Just let it perform the volume... Is that possible, like was in HotApp (I simply adored HotApp!).

Thanks for any help! Hans

It is possible to achieve what you want using KM. Here is a macro I use to set system volume. It is interactive, which is not what you want, but you can re-use the two Execute AppleScript actions (coloured green) in a macro of your own (which will be a good learning experience) to do what you want. The first green action gets the current volume level while the second green actions sets the new level.

I don't have time to create a new macro for you, but I hope you can use this information as a starting point.

Set System Volume.kmmacros (4.4 KB) KM 1 2020-10-29_17-33-38

Wow Tadeusz,

It worked right away.

So as simple minded as I am I thought I will duplicate it and make one to reduce volume, but this is code you created is above my head I am afraid…

Is it true that I can use this macro as you gave it (apart from the Purr sound :wink: that I deleted…

And can you please give me a hint on how to decrease the volume please?

That would make my work as a designer sooooo much happier! And I can design a thing for you as a gift back :slight_smile:


Oh, now i see that only this also works, before i first activated the system preferences, but this is not needed at all i find out now :wink:

Hi Hans,
I found a bit of spare time so I could help you out.

I've created 2 macros for you: one increases the volume and the other decreases the volume. Both macros are triggered by a hotkey combination that I've set as follows: the keys CMD-Up Arrow increase the volume while the keys CMD-Down Arrow decrease the volume. I suggest you set these hotkeys to something that suits your preference; you should look at the area in the macros shown below enclosed in red boxes: that's where you set the hot key combinations.

I've also set the volume change to an increment of 10. You can change this to any positive value you like in the actions coloured orange.

You do not need to open system preferences for these macros to work.

I did start with writing one macro to do everything but I got short of time and took the easy way out. When you are more experienced with KM you might want to combine the UP and DOWN logic into a single macro!

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

Here is the macros file: Set System Volume Macros.kmmacros (9.8 KB)

and here are the macros:

The UP one (change the hotkey in the red box to whatever you prefer) -
KM 2 2020-10-29_20-52-33

and the DOWN one (change the hotkey in the red box to whatever you prefer) -
KM 1 2020-10-29_20-51-41