How to Press and Hold the SHIFT Key

I often annotate PDFs in Evernote notes because the annotation summary is so nicely displayed.
I usually use the red text underline annotation tool.
To draw a straight line right under displayed text, I have to press the shift key while I underline.
I would like to create a KBM Evernote group shortcut or palette menu item which would activate a 'press and hold shift key' function. The shift key would be 'released' if I press the shortcut or palette menu item a second time.
In the forum I saw a press and hold action, but can't find it in my list of actions.
thanks for your time and help , and happy new year !

Hi @ronald, I don't have Evernote installed anymore and can't try it out.
Try the macro described in this article.

I also wish you a happy new and above all healthy year 2019 :nerd_face:

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You're welcome to try this. I don't have Evernote to test it directly, but I did test it with Skitch, which I believe is made by the same developers if we can draw any conclusions from that. Anyway, in Skitch, drawing a horizontal arrow is done, as in your case, by depressing the shift key whilst dragging the mouse cursor. Running this macro once successfully simulated the shift key being held, leaving my with one extra free hand whilst drawing a horizontal arrow having only to manipulate the trackpad. Running the macro a second time released the shift key.

Press & Hold Shift Key.kmmacros (31.9 KB)

I chose to bind it to my ⟨CAPS LOCK⟩ key, which may or may not be to your liking and is easily changed, but it made sense to me to do that. You'll need to set it yourself either way, as it's a hardware-dependent trigger, so I imagine it currently won't trigger on your system until you perform your own key binding.


thank you ver much for your post and your macro.
Unfortunately, the shift key got stuck and I could not function until I restart the computer.
it is totally my fault. I have the impression that this whole exercise is too error prone in my hands.
thanks again very much

as a safety mesure (perhaps even for yourself), a small icon should perhaps popup warning the user that the shift key is pressed.
That way a dummy like me will release it before going on to other commands and messing up his data.
Once again, I am very grateful.

Thank you very much.
I downloaded your macro and opened it with KBM which I have done many times with other macros, but I cannot find it in KBM All Macros listing.
herzlichen Dank
Schönes neues Jahr

The output of the scripts is set to Display Results Large, which fills the entire screen with an icon warning the user that the shift key is pressed. I'm confused how you missed it. The other reason I bound my macro to the ⟨CAPS LOCK⟩ key, of course, is that, on an Apple keyboard, that key has an LED indicator. Therefore, when ⟨CAPS LOCK⟩ is on, so too should the macro have run to hold the ⟨⇧⟩ key down (and vice versa when ⟨CAPS LOCK⟩ is off).

Thank you, and you're most welcome. However, you never actually stated whether the macro worked for your original objective, which was to draw a straight line in Evernote without having to manually hold the ⟨⇧⟩ key down. Did it achieve this ?

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Hello CJK,
You are right on both counts.
Your macro does work as described, there is a warning icon and your brilliant idea of lighting up the caps key.
I was rushing through things and I am sorry.

I'm very happy to hear this, indeed.