How to quickly convert a script containing KM variables to values?

I routinely troubleshoot a script that is in KM by pasting it into my script editor to debug it. I've been copying the script, pasting it into an "Insert Text" action (that I open with an "editMacro" appleScript).

This works but I'm sure there's a better way. How can I do this with one simple macro?



I would start by creating the script in script editor (or much better, in Script Debugger 7 ) and saving it as a file, and using the KM Execute Script from file option. Then you can keep it open while testing in KM.

Personally, All of my KM scripts are in files, and I only replace with the text when I publish on the forum.

Thanks. I will read about that. Nearly all the scripts I have in km are calling functions pre-loaded to illustrator. The script is primarily passing the variables. If there’s a better way I’m ready to learn.