How to record 2 macros with different strokes using Quick Macro?

So I just found out this awesome keyboard macro for mac. I'm currently playing an online game and looking forward to utilize this sweet as software. I've already learned the quick macro record. It is working properly for one macro. I'd like to add a new one and try to record a different stroke. However, when i try to record the second one, the first one gets the same keystroke as the second one. In short let's say...

I want Keyboard ` = wwwwwewwwww keystroke
Keyboard 2 = wwwww keystroke

when i try to record the second one im getting the same keystrokes for both Keyboard ` and 2.

Instead of trying to record the second macro, Duplicate your first macro, (CMD+D when macro name is highlighted)
Change the hot key trigger so you have ...+F2
Change what the macro does
Change second macro title
So you now have two different macros for two different hot key combos

thanks for the duplicate thing. new knowledge added. however, when i try to record new one for the second macro, the first one was replaced by the new one as well. i record by highlighting the second macro then hit CTRL F1.

Do not use record quick macro, open your second macro and click on record button at bottom. Macro will record steps in second macro.
Tip: open small blank/new textedit screen. Then type in there the different stages

e.g. aaa, bbbb this will enable to you to edit the recorded macro more easily.