How to Remap Shift-⌘-C Keyboard Shortcut?

I'm trying to use Shift+⌘C as a keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word but pressing this seems to bring up a KB maestro palette named "Paste Stack." I looked through all my macros and no other macro is using this combination and no group is using this shortcut either. I imagine it's a shortcut used for the clipboard, but there's no option to remap the clipboard shortcuts. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss on how I could remap this KB shortcut.

Hit C.

Then switch to the Keyboard Maestro Editor with the Dock.

Then hit U.

That will take you to the last used macro.


Thanks for that suggestion. I tried your suggestion and KM takes me to a macro that doesn't have a keyboard shortcut attached. I disabled these other micros (that run at set time intervals), pressed ⌘⇧C and it then it still took me to the disabled macro. So it seems the feature I'm using isn't a macro?

When I highlight text and use ⌘⇧C it copies the text into the window. I have a feeling it's something that's built into KM. Here's a screenshot. Any idea what it might be?

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 9.56.30 AM

Hmm.  That UI doesn't look at all familiar...

Go to the 'All Macros' group in the Keyboard Maestro Editor and search for:


If you don't find an active macro then quit the Keyboard Maestro engine and try the keyboard shortcut again.

'Quit Engine' is at the bottom of the Keyboard Maestro Editor's 'File' menu.

If 'Paste Stack' still comes up then this critter isn't a Keyboard Maestro macro.


Thanks for that tip. Thanks to your help I figured out it was not a keyboard maestro macro. It was a feature in Paste I had never run across. Ugh. Removed the shortcut and all is good now. Thanks again!

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