How to repeat under 1 seconds?

What I know about how to repeat my macro is using this setting

However, I wanna repeat every 0.5 second but can't under 1.
So anyone know how to repeat every 0.5 sec ?
I want to repeat my macro until I would stop macro so record ''0.5 sec pause'' meaningless.

There is no way to trigger a macro more frequently than once a second.

You can start a macro, and have it repeat (using the Repeat action), and it can repeat as fast as you want (adding a Pause action to slow it down if necessary, and the Pause can be sub-second).

But the fastest you can trigger is once per second.

Keyboard Maestro is not designed to be a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Its designed to be fast and efficient, but not that fast.

Thank you for your reply.