How to reset default file format icon System-wide?

Several of our Production iMacs (High Sierra) have different icons for PNG. This is a problem when trying share macros. Is there a simple way to standardize file format icons across multiple Macs that use the same system?

I noticed the PNG icon changed on my Mac when I was testing some software (Hazel, I believe, but am not sure).

I realize this is not a KM-specific question, but it impacts our ability to seamlessly share macros.

I’m thinking a google search should provide some answers.

Yes, I had done that. Finally found it. Thanks.

The online solution I found did not resolve my issue. I am not able to permanently update icons on a server-based drive. I’ve moved on to more pressing issues at the moment.

The Apple Support solution may work for local drives:

Hey @rcraighead,

The problem is that some application has hijacked a a file-type and become the default application for it.

The way to fix this is to pick a PNG file, change it's default-app, and then select the [Change-All] button.


That should fix every PNG icon on the given system.

Unfortunately there's now way to prevent another app from hijacking PNGs again, other than to not install any software that could cause a problem.

But the fix is easy enough, so that it's not a big worry.


My primary interest is keeping the icon image consistent between systems, not setting the default application. This is because I use the PNG icon as a “Found Image” in one shared macro. Right now I have to customize that macro for each system, by updating the PNG icon.

My point is that the default application can CONTROL what the PNG icon looks like...


Oh, I see. I’ve had mixed experiences. Changing the default preview program has no effect on the current icon. Maybe I’m missing a step.

Edit: I tried your suggestion and find the icon changes on the server but not locally. I’m perplexed. I can work around it and that’s what I’ll need to do.