How to Select a specific field in Chrome?

Hello all,

I am a new KM user and I am really impressed by this app.

I need to copy 10,000 coupon codes, from an Excel file to a website.

The coupon code recording process is one at a time, as you can see here:

As you can see in the video, after I click on the "Add another code" button, I need to click in the field to select it.

That is where I block...

Here is a screen capture of the beginning of my macro:


As you can see, the last Action is empty. I tried several things, no success at all.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You should see the field when you click on the “Google Chrome” popup button on the last Action. If you don’t see it, take a screen shot of the popup list and post here.

As an alternate, you can use a JavaScript in Browser action with this JavaScript:

var fldCouponCode = document.querySelector('input.form-control.coupon__code');;

That is based on the above video. You should double-check to make sure I have got the right HTML class for that <input> element.

Thank you for your help. I am going to work on it and get back with the outcome.