How to Select Numeric Keypad Keys as a Keystroke When Not Having Them on Your Actual Keyboard?

How can i use CMD + Backslash as a "Type A Keystroke" without having a backslash on my keyboard?

One way would be to use the MacOS Keyboard Viewer.


Thanks so much, worked perfectly!

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You can also use the dropdown menu to the right of the keystroke capture field of the action itself, to select any key, with modifiers if desired.


Actually this is, what I tried first, but for whatever reason I could not find the backslash key there.

But unfortunately, what I was trying to do, does not seem to work anyways.

Tried to make a macro for pressinh CMD + Backslash into Logic Pro, because I wanted to see if it's still possible to delete everything else of a region, except the Marquee selection. Would have been cool, but it seems, they patched it out in recent versions...

But thank you for the info!

Ok so let's get to what you're aiming for... You want to trim a region to the marquee selection by pressing ⌘\. Is that correct?

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Yes, exactly! Is that even possible?

Yeah. The default key command for that in Logic is ⌃C, so you can remap that in the Key Commands window... or if you want to use KM, you can either simulate the ⌃C keystroke, or select the menu item like so:

Crop Region to Marquee Selection.kmmacros (20 KB)

Macro screenshot


Oh, wow! Thank you so much, for the detailed explanation and for the macro!

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