How to set this path as a variable? - the word 'open' in front?

Hi and good day,

I already have a macro to get the path of a file (saved to system clipboard).

Now, for a new macro HOW to set this path as a variable (or is this a good idea?) and THEN add infront the word 'open'?

ā†’ So when I get a line with for example:

open /Volumes/LC3/Documents-LC3/_health/_exercises/This-30-Day-Plank-Challenge-Will-Transform-Your-Core.rtf

I then launch the terminal to open this file for me (Paste & Enter).


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

If what you want to do is to open the file whose path is on the System Clipboard, then you just need one Action: Open a File Folder or Application action:


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