How to slightly expand this text copying macro?

Hi and good day,

In a very decent text macro there is this module:

Insert Text by Pasting
%CurrentClipboard% <---- ok, but allows only for 1 clipboard, which is used for the title.

I’ve tried to expand this to include one more copy / clipboard, such as ‘Serial Clipboard 7’ (which exists in my KM setup):

Insert Text by Pasting
%SerialClipboard7% <<== probably wrong!

or to include an earlier copied text (just before the current):

Insert Text by Pasting
%PastClipboard%1% <<== for the earlier copied text

Both don’t work, don’t know why.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar K N

Sorry, it is not clear what you are trying to accomplish.
Could you please list the manual steps in your workflow that you want to automate.

However, a few tips:

  1. Generally you want to use Variables (KM Wiki) rather than Named Clipboards (KM Wiki), especially if all you want to copy/paste is plain text.
  2. To copy a selection into a KM Variable, use these actions (after having selected some text):

3. Then, to Paste (or type) the KM Variable data somewhere else:

  1. Select the destination
  2. Insert Text action (KM Wiki)

Hey Omar,

Keep in mind that whenever you use an Insert Text by Pasting action you add to the clipboard stack.

All copied and pasted text gets funneled through the system clipboard.

I agree with JM — use variables unless you have a good reason for using clipboards.


My intention is to upload a workable version ASAP,…

The discussion was continued here: ”Why does KM not get the CORRECT browser title?” =SOLVED_!

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