How to Stop Apple Mail From Marking Every E-Mail I Touch as Read

Dear KM forum

As my MS Outlook currently crashes permanently unter Monterey beta 5, I have to use Apple Mail until Outlook gets fixed.

Am I the only one who does not like that Apple Mail marks every e-mail read whenever I click on it?
I'd rather like to keep the e-mail in unread status. It's ok to get in read status when i fully open the e-mail or when I reply to it.

Any ideas here to solve that read/unread behaviour in Apple Mail with KM?

Thank you for any suggestions!


If you close the message preview pane, the message status won't change. Then, to view a message, double-click it to open it in a new window. This is how I've been using for years, just to put me in control of read/unread status.

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Hey Walter,

No you're not...  :sunglasses:

Unfortunately there's no native means to change this behavior.

The Mail Act-On plug-in has the ability to adjust that.

Unfortunately you have to buy the whole MailSuite from SmallCubed to get it.



Hi Chris
Thank you for that hint.
Although I usually pay for my software, this a pretty expensive tool for just one functionality.
And my ideal regarding additional helpers is: If you can do the same in KM, do it first with KM ! :slight_smile:

I quite agree, but I use Mail Act-On for many more functions.

Unfortunately I'm not seeing a worthwhile listing/advert of them anywhere, so I guess I'll ping the folks at SmallCubed.


It now looks like Outlook works again unter Monterey Beta 5, problem solved (at least for now)!