How to target InDesign for "Execute AppleScript"?

I've been using a technique shared on this forum to run .jsx files in Adobe Illustrator with KM variables. I'd like to do the same in InDesign. I've verified the script works by running directly from Adobe ESTK but the AppleScript syntax will not verify in KM as does the working "Illustrator" script (shown disabled).

Can someone show me what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: Also, I notice an "Application List" appears sometimes while I'm working with the "Execute AppleScript" Action (sometimes when hitting "Enter"), but it disappears quickly and even if I manage to click the target application nothing changes. That Action still fails to work.

Group.kmactions (2.6 KB)

You have to adresse the application with the version number for InDesign so it would be:
tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2019"

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Thanks, everyone. I have given that a try (at home) and it did not work. I'll try it at work and see if I have success.