How to turn off temporarily a macro group for the app I am in?

I have an issue where I have few macros I’ve made for alfred preferences. I have some hotkeys assigned like cmd + k, cmd + l and so on.

However in this app, I can also assign hotkeys to other applications, this however I cannot do since I have hotkeys assigned for various actions. I then need to go to km editor and manually turn off the hotkey trigger so that I can use that hotkey to assign in the alfred preferences.

Can I some turn off a macro group with a trigger for the active window I am currently in so that I can use the hotkey triggers and then turn them back on?

Thank you for any help.

You can use Application triggers for this.
Just set an Application trigger for when application activates and add the action:
"Activate/deactivate Macro Group"
Then another one for when the app deactivates :slight_smile:

Hope that’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

I know you have a lot of custom hotkeys you use in Alfred, but, for me, I found it too confusing and difficult to manage custom hotkeys being set by different apps. I even include using the Mac Preferences to set custom shortcut keys.

So, long ago, I decided to use KM to set all my my custom hotkeys. This works well for me since you can highly customize the triggers for the apps the hotkeys are available to.

This may not work for you or others. I just wanted to share the idea/approach.

IAC, I think the solution suggested by @FroZen_X is a good one.

Yeah, it would be lovely to have a one place where I can set hotkeys but I can't really do that as most Alfred objects require a reference from a hotkey in Alfred itself.

My approach to hotkeys is quite simple, for quick bindable 'one hotkey to other', I use BetterTouchTool. For example :

For Alfred objects and prompts (which is my preferred interface) I use Alfred. And for actual automation and cutting out repetitive things, I use KM. More recently I fell in love with button clicking from KM. It works so amazingly well and is indeed really nice. I try to apply it to quite a lot of things now :

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