HowTo: Get Macros into Keyboard Maestro Status Menu

I was having a hard time understanding what the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu was and how to get things into it. Maybe these screenshots will help someone else.

Review the steps in this screenshot.

If everything is setup correctly, the item will then show up in your Keyboard Maestro Status Menu.

[Question for anyone who knows: What's the optimum image size (pixel height/width) for posting images in Discourse? - I had a hard time getting the first image to fit within the width of the column]


I had the same question a while back The answer is 690px width:

Not sure of the height.

But, even if the forum shrinks or cuts off the image, the viewer can always open the image in another window/tab/whatever, and it will show the entire image in the original size.

Thanks Dan!

I guess I should have just left it full size. Does it look ok now?


As you know, not everyone will think of viewing an over-large image in another tab, so it might be worth mentioning whenever you post an image that gets shrunk or clipped.

However the above images look fine to me.

You can also scale images by adjusting the height and width attributes in the html.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d6ac2e534368b044cff9ed954303f152f5b33c60.png" width="324" height="109">


Well then, That’s the way to do it. So after I upload, I can just add the width and height at the end?

Hey John,

Usually the forum adds height and width parameters for newly uploaded items.

You can change those.

You can change only one and let the other one auto-adjust.

Usually I just leave it the way the forum uploaded it.


Just for future reference, try not to conflate the terms “Enabled/Disabled” and “Active/Inactive”

A macro can be enabled or disabled using the tick mark (top right corner when editing, or below the Macro’s column).

A macro group can be enabled or disabled using the tick mark (top right corner when editing, or below the Macro Group’s column).

A macro group may also has various activation conditions that must be met for it to be active (for example, active only in a specific application).

Macros are active when they are enabled, and their parent macro group is enabled and their parent macro group is currently active.

So in your image, where you say “inactive” and in step 3, it is really “disabled” and “enabled/disabled status”.

Step 1 is correct, but for the macro group to be active it must be enabled and its activation conditions must be met.

Peter, This is a very important distinction. Thank you for calling my attention to it. “The devil is in the details.” as they say.

p.s. I am really not happy with the look of that snap. Later reading the forum, I discovered a reference to the wiki that @JMichaelTX made with yellow speech “bubbles” extending out on the sides with explanations inside. I thought to myself: “That’s the way your’s (mine) should have looked. It’s much better.”

Also following a standard for look and feel will only help contribute to an attractive wiki and since some of us may end up contributing to it, it’s good to have a ‘like minded’ defined style.

This has been fixed.


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