HTML Notification Box Macro

I'm using this HTML code I copied from this forum to display a notification.
I know very little about HTML.
I have successfully changed colors and timeout but not the window.

I would like to change the size and location of the window being displayed.
When I change the numbers in the below line of code, nothing changes the position or size of the window.


What am I missing?
Thanks in advance.

HTML Notifiction Box Macro (v10.2)

@My HTML Notifiction Box.kmmacros (3.9 KB)

That first coordinate is invalid -- I'm guessing you want SCREEN(Front,Right) - 500,60,500,60 or similar.

Thanks for replying.
I saw you had a 'dash' before the numbers. Now the window is moving.

Not a "dash" -- a minus sign. To explain...

In your code data-kmwindow="SCREEN(Front,Right)500,60,500,60" you're setting data-kmwindow to four coordinates -- left edge, top edge, width, height. The last three are good -- 60, 500, and 60 pixels respectively. But your first is SCREEN(Front,Right)500 which is "(get the coordinate of the right edge of the front screen)500" which fails to evaluate -- you can't join numbers together by bashing them together like that (unlike text!).

When that fails the whole statement aborts, so you don't set data-kmwindow.

My guess is that you want to "set the left edge of the window to be 500 pixels less than the right edge of the screen", hence SCREEN(Front,Right) - 500 for the first coordinate. If you want a different position you should be able to work from what you now have.

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Yes, I can fine tune it now. Thanks for the explanation.