I need help with time triggers not working

I am in the 30 day trial with Maestro and I set a couple of time triggers that did not work at the scheduled time in the morning. I set the macros, pushed the “try” button, and it did work. Any thoughts and what I am doing incorrectly?

Time Triggers (like all triggers) will only fire if the Mac is awake. If the Mac is display is screen saving or sleeping or locked, then most UI actions will fail.

Whenever a macro does not fire when expected, the troubleshooting process is the same (as described on the wiki Troubleshooting page).

Here is what to do:

  • Ensure the Keyboard Maestro Engine is running - the Keyboard Maestro status menu should show in the menu bar on the right hand side (unless you’ve turned it off).
  • Ensure you have accessibility enabled (click on the status menu and Keyboard Maestro will tell you if there is a problem).
  • Ensure the Macro Group is enabled, and is active in the application in question.
  • Ensure the macro is enabled.
  • Ensure the macro actions are enabled.
  • Add a status menu trigger, and verify that the macro is active by checking for its name in the Keyboard Maestro status menu.
  • Add a Display Text Briefly or Growl action to the macro to verify that the macro is firing.
  • Choose Start Debugging from the Status Menu, ensure Pause New Macros is turned on, and trigger the macro. Step through the actions to see where it is going wrong.

Basically, you have to discover if the macro is active, if the trigger is firing, or if the actions are failing.


Thanks so much for your assistance. I THINK I did everything you suggested. I reset the time to see if it would run and it did not. It does still activate when I push try. I took an image for you to see the macro: (I really see the practical use for KM and want to learn this, but what to learn it correctly at the beginning. (The retired educator in me I guess). Thank you again.


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