I want to go back to Version 10 (perhaps v11 broke something)


Something has stopped working ; I want to see if the reason is v11.
I want to revert back.

Do I just follow the steps in Transition To Previous Versions [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]. ?
I want to check it's still valid as it seems old

update - it worked! I'm so relieved

Would it be helpful for me to show which macro stopped working?

Wouldn't hurt.

It was simply clicking a button in Chrome.
A button on a web page

It has always only worked in Chrome/Brave (never Safari)

it is simply the "press button" action
and the name is the label given the button on the webpage

If you post your macro, we might be able to see why it's failing in v11 and whether it can be adjusted slightly.

it's simply this:

(website requires login so you can't replicate)

Here's how I press buttons on webpages:

Download the SelectorsHub extension.
Right click the button in question and select Copy Relative XPath:

Paste this into a Click Front Browser Link action:


Always. Otherwise how could I fix it?

Chrome doesn't always show buttons in the accessibility API (there is some weird parameter to make it do it). But presuming it does, you could use the new facility in the Keyboard Maestro editor to list all the buttons and select it.

I did have someone else who reported it couldn't find a button with just a title, but had no trouble once the button was fully specified.

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dude. this looks f***ing sweet.


I'm confused at the example you show because that would not produce a button so I can't see how Keyboard Maestro 10 would have been able to click it with the Press a Button action.

But maybe something is happening on the web site that is changing it in to a button.