I want to switch through multiple windows in mindnode, can I do that?

I do all my application switching with KM and it is great :

However I wish to extend this macro if I can. I often have two separate windows of mindnode both full screen. I would love to have to switch to mindnode with a hotkey and on second press, it would either switch to last application if there is only on mindnode window available and if not, I want to switch through all of them.

Don't know if any one use mindnode but perhaps something like this can be done. It would be amazing if it can be. I essentially want to switch between different mindnode windows quickly if such windows exist.

Thank you for any help. I hope you can understand what I mean. It would be quite amazing it it could be done.

Check this out: Activate Window Switcher action. It’s actually WAY cool.

So your macro could activate mindnode if not active, otherwise activate the window switcher.

Hey Dan,

How do I use it though? This doesn't work.

Also I really hate any GUI showing. I just want to to be able to cycle through open windows of mindnode on repetitive key presses if such windows exist.

I think you have to hold down the hotkey for the for the window switcher to stay open.

Have you tried the standard Mac hotkey of Command+` (that’s a backwards single quote, usually the same as the tilde key)?

On my keyboard, I can do it with my left hand very easily.

This is really strange but it doesn’t seem to register that I have multiple windows open in mindnode. :frowning:

Is there anything else I can do to solve this?

I’m sure there is - I was just going for the low-hanging fruit.

Someone else will chime in, I’m sure.

Good luck - I know how it is to want things to work exactly like you want them. Actually, probably all of us do - that’s why we have KM! :slight_smile:

Ha! Found it. I thought I remembered seeing something like this:

This only switches between two windows, but I’m sure it could be modified to handle more, although the logic might take a while to figure out, as the window numbers change each time you bring one to the front.