Icon sizes in image wells for palette

Weird question. Does anybody know why these icons on a palette are different sizes? In theory they’re both icons from the app that have been dropped into an image well.

In reality the PDF expert icon isn't from the developer, but added to the app by myself so maybe that's the issue.

CleanShot 2022-03-09 at 15.43.58

My guess would be that your custom PDF Expert icon has a transparent border around it. Have you had a look at it in Preview?

If your original image doesn't have a transparent border then opening it in Preview, ⌘A, ⌘C will copy it to the clipboard and then select the Macro's or Group's image well and ⌘V. It should fill the whole Macro Icon or Group Icon, whatever it is that is showing in your Palette.

Whatever image you paste into the Image Wells in Keyboard Maestro are resized to 64x64 pixels. So, smaller images are scaled up to 64x64 and bigger images scaled down to 64x64, but they will always fit the whole space.