Identifying an App when its "Not Responding"

I have a window manager app I just discovered a few weeks ago called Flexiglass.

I've really liked to it manages moving widows. It's working great on my Mac Pro running OS Mojave but it seems to freeze al the time (I only notice when hovering my mouse around the menu bar and see the beach ball)

So I emailed the Devs and they let me know they stopped developiong the app and refunded me right away.

Now since its only happening on one machine, I wanted to see if there was a macro I could create to quit and re-launch the app (in the background) when it does freeze. Its not freezing at any specific time its pretty unperdicitable. Not a huge deal just thought I would poll the community here.

Have a look at this, it was asked 6 years ago, so not much has changed, but may give you a good start..

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Checking it out now thank you!