Idle Trigger NOT during specific hours on specific day

I was wondering if there is better or easier way to NOT sleep my Mac during a specific time range on a specific day. Thank you for your input!

Idle.kmmacros (2.3 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export

That might be the easiest/clearest. You could optimise it by putting the day check first in the conditional -- that way, 6/7ths of the time the hours calculation would be skipped. You could go one step further and use the DOW() function instead:


...which should be more efficient than the text token/string search combo (at the expense of readability!).

You could also take a completely different approach by not using the above macro, have System Settings to manage display sleep all the time, then run a "IDLE Tickler" periodically on Saturday morning to prevent sleep:

Especially useful if your IT dept have installed a mandatory "energy saving" Profile on your machine :wink: