If Then Else Conditions Not Working as Expected

I want the IF THEN ELSE section to work similarly to this:

if ( (a == value1 || b == value2 || c == value3) && d == value4)
// Execute task 1
// Execute task 2

Basically if either/any one of the first 3 conditions are met AND in combination with the last condition evaluate to true; then perform task 1. If not, then perform task 2

I thought I'd understood how this would translate using KM but maybe not. Or perhaps I need a cast operation to evaluate the values as being numerical? Because values 1, 2 and 3 correspond to -13.0, -14.0 and -16.0 respectively.

I'd initially thought it was working until a value of -14.3 was passed in and it executed Task 1 when it should have fallen into the else block.

So either I need an explicit cast for the values OR it's evaluating based on ANY of the conditions being true. E.g. d (Local__AVGDynamics >= -9 which is not what I want.

What should I be doing to have ANY of the first set of values evaluated AND the last value being true???

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Keyboard Maestro conditions only have "all of these" or "any of these" as options, so you cannot directly implement:

(a == value1 || a == value2 || a == value3) && d == value4)

in an If statement. You have it configured to "any of these", and thus any time AVGDynamics is >= -9 it will do the first one and the Integrated value will be ignored.

You could do something like “any of these”

a = value1 AND d = value4
a = value2 AND d = value4
a = value3 AND d = value4

But, since they are calculations, and calculations include AND and OR and bracketing, you can implement them directly in a calculation.

If calculation:

(Local__Integrated = -13 OR Local__Integrated = -14 OR Local__Integrated = -16) AND Local__AVGDynamics >= -9

Do note that = and floating point numbers are not a great combination. It may work for your case, but 1 != 1.000000000000000001, and floating point numbers make it very easy to get such cases.

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Hi. Thanks for the recommendation but I'm a bit confused. Where would I place that calculation within KM? Attempting to do as you've suggested results in the calculation being in red text suggesting that the value I've entered isn't valid. :face_exhaling:

Btw, the existing if then condition is already set to use "any of these"

Nevermind, I think I've figured your suggestion out. I just need to change the if then condition to evaluate a calculation. I'll give it a try. Thanks

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Yes, sorry, I should have linked to the Calculation condition.