If Variable >= 2? (Display of Undefined Variables in KM Actions)


I'm trying to run a group of actions only 80% of the time. I'm trying this, but it's not working. What is the appropriate way to accomplish this?

Thank you

Wow I’m a dolt! It works, I was just expecting the “currently false” to change dynamically as the variable above it changed. Thanks anyway!

LOL. Been there. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

I looked at your post, and I should have really tried your example, but I figured it should obviously work, so there must be something I’m missing, so I didn’t do anything. (Poor decision on my part.)

Happy you found your answer.

It does change dynamically as the variable changes, but the variable only changes when you actually execute the action.

The next version will color the calculation in orange to indicate that while it is a valid calculation, the variable diceRoll does not currently have a valid value.

And the Set Variable to Calculation action will have //empty// instead of nothing to indicate more clearly that the variable diceRoll is currently empty.

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Great changes, thank you Peter!