iMac 2020 Bottom Right Macro (v9.0.6)

I have a question which probably has a simple solution but it is really impeding my productivity. I have several small scripts designed to manipulate windows by rearranging them in convenient layouts. (These are shamelessly taken from David Sparkey's excellent Keyboard Maestro Field Guide which I highly recommend for new and intermediate KM users,)

Thiis is one of several macros which no longer work when I try using them on my new 2020 iMac. The 27" high resolution screen (with nano) is excellent. Moving windows is critical to my workflow with this bigger monitor. The only macro which is working which divides the screen into quarters is Top Left. The Top Right; Bottom Right and Bottom Left macros shift the front window off the screen rather than repositioning it as expected. (I am uploading just the Bottom Right macro but the others use similar commands. Happy to upload all three if helpful.)

I am running the Catalina install the new box shipped with and these macros work on my now dying 2013 (Late Edition) MacBook Pro which still is on Mojave. I am wondering if it is some incompatibility with Catalina, the new iMac hardware or something else?

Any help or insight is most appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help and assistance with this issue. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Bottom Right Macro (v9.0.6)

Hey @rwachs,

This action will install in the macro currently being edited.

Manipulate a Window.kmactions (884 B)

Give it a try and see if it works on your system.

Keep in mind that Keyboard Maestro has a number of these values built-in:


This is on Sierra, so it may not work on your Catalina system.


Thank you! Not sure why my versions weren't working but using your suggestion, I've got all the screen movement hot keys working as expected! Most appreciated!

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